Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Back from CM93!

Wyatt and I have returned from CM93, a pile of logs and some great memories in tow. I'll be writing proper entries about the trip in the coming days and weeks, and processing video too, but for now, here's some pictures of the trip

KG5CCI,AC0RA, KK6FAH in Venture the morning of departure:

On approach to Santa Rosa Pier

Our Wind Shelter for the two nights on the Island

Operating from the CM93 / CM94 Line:

 Hiking up Black Mountain on Saturday:

Wyatt operating AO-73 on the Side of Black Mountain

AO-7 Pass from the top of Black Mountain (I was holding the Arrow, Wyatt was tuning)

Near Lobo Canyon Sunday Morning:

To the Entrance of Lobo Canyon:

Mouth of Lobo at the Pacific Ocean

"Painted Cave" on Santa Cruz Island on the way home 

Our welcome back to the mainland party.. 

Like I said, lots more in the upcoming weeks, but that's just a taste for now. Thanks to everyone who worked us on the trip. 73!

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