Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Logging / Signing / Portable / Stroke / Stroke / Policy

Logging Policy:

My Logging Policy is simple. I need to copy your callsign, and give you a piece of information. I also need you to say my callsign and give me a piece of information. That piece of information can be a signal report, it can also be a grid. It can be your favorite kind of steak, the county you're in, or a barometer report. Don't care. Just need a callsign and something. If I'm portable somewhere rare and we're rapid firing, I'll read back your callsign, and I expect some acknowledgement that you heard me. "Thanks Dave, 73" is good enough.If any of these above things happen, you're in my log. It's that simple. 

As far as where I put my logs - I keep everything of interest in a highly complex encrypted system of old notebooks, audio files, SDR recordings, excel spreadsheets, and .txt files. That is to say, who the hell knows where something will end up.. it depends on what kind of operation I was conducting. I *do* after a week or so of being home, get everything uploaded into LOTW, and I also put things in the QRZ logbook. Even though I've got my issues with QRZ, their XML interface for log and user data is second to none, and I abuse the heck out of that for my automatic tools. 

QSL Policy:

As mentioned, my logs go into LOTW. All of them. I have written on this blog extensively how I script my uploads for all types of contacts, and the system works quite well. I normally try to have all logs into LOTW within a week of making the contact. While the scripting system is phenomenal, I am only human and make a few errors during translation of my data from writing to code. If you think you should have a LOTW QSL from me, but don't see one, by all means let me know. 9 times out of 10 I screwed something up. 

I will direct QSL as well, and don't mind sending out cards. I am however very lazy when it comes to writing, and usually only fill them out when things are slow at work... which isn't often. If you need my grid/county/mountain/attitude for some form of award, let me know and I'll respond with haste. I'll respond even hastier if you send me a SASE with your own card, so I can show my wife cool postcards from interesting places :)

I do NOT do any QSLing via the BURO and I do NOT use eQSL. Sorry. 

Callsigns / *ixes

I do occasionally use club calls, special 1x1 calls, and I have (at the time of this writing) one foreign call. If I'm using one of those on the air, log it EXACTLY how I say it. For example, I use the W3ZM (AMSAT club) call often when roving. I will always using W3ZM/5, W3ZM/8 ect ect depending on what part of the country I'm in. Log these EXACTLY like I say them on the air.

As of yet, I've never used my KG5CCI from a foreign entity with reciprocity, but in the event I do, legally I have to log these as they were said on the air. If you work me as TG9/KG5CCI or KG5CCI/VE3 (for example) Log me as exactly the call I identified myself with. 

Domestically - I will use a few suffixes with standard KG5CCI. These are informational though and are NOT meant to be logged. If I'm in a grid other than EM34, and I'm on Satellites, You'll hear me sign as KG5CCI/P. Pro-Tip: You probably want to work me, cause I'm likely somewhere rare. If I'm on HF and in a county different than Pulaski, You'll hear me sign as KG5CCI/P. I might be somewhere rare here too, but unlikely, unless you're a county chaser. If I'm truly operating mobile in my Jeep, I will sign as KG5CCI/M, this will be universal across all bands and modes.  Once again though if you work KG5CCI/anything log it as KG5CCI in LOTW. 

So, in Summary: 

1. Club Calls = Log exactly as read on the air.
2. Special Event = Log exactly as read on the air. 
3. Foreign Recip License = Log exactly as read on the air. 
4. In the USA as KG5CCI = Log as KG5CCI
4. In the USA as KG5CCI/*.* = Log as KG5CCI

That's it for now. This space reserved for if i change my mind in the future. 

Edit 1: 7/17/2017: As many folks pointed out, KG5CCI/TG9 is NOT proper signing for Guatemala, it is TG9/KG5CCI. This was just a typo on my part, I wasn't trying to pull a fast one... as it turns out, I didn't get to Guatemala on my last adventure, so no harm done. My syntax has been corrected :)

Monday, June 5, 2017

Victor Thirty One Charlie India

I didn't get a long blog completed for this week, however since my papers just arrived this morning, I suppose I'll make it official:


I'll be QRV as V31CI in Belize, operating from Ambergris Caye in EK67 (with side trips to EK57 and EK68) from June 20th thru June 27th.  This is a family vacation style activation so expect no more than a few hours (tops) of operating per day. Since NJ7H was just down there a few months ago, I won't be hitting it as hard as I figured I would, so focus will be on the easier birds that have good footprints to the entire country, and any Non-US hams that are interested. Primarily listen for me on FO29, SO50 and AO-85. I'm also happy to take sked requests if there's a pass in particular you're after.

I'll be taking along the 857, and some wire dipoles as well. I plan to try and do a little HF and some 6 Meter if the bands open up as well. I'll have my laptop and digital modes are an option too. Also, as many may note, June 24th is Field Day. I'll try my best to be on the popular passes handing out a DX station station credit via Satellite, and on HF as well.

That's all for now, I'll try and finish up my tech blog for next week, I've got exciting things I've been cookin' up in the workshop.