Monday, August 29, 2022

Park #6 - Mount Rainier

Back in June 2014 I had to do a work trip to Seattle. We decided to stay a few days later and go see some of Doni's family, and a do a trip around Mount Rainier and the Olympic Peninsula. 

Seattle is one of those places where the mountain kinda dominates the skyline: 

But we took a day and drove around and into the park from the Northwest, circled east, and then came out on the southeast side before going across the Tacoma Narrows. The mountain is up there in the fog:

I even brought a little radio with me, and tried to make a 2m Simplex contact from Paradise:

Mount Rainier was a neat place. Unless I decide to climb it someday, I don't see myself needing to go back though. Lots of big mountains I haven't seen yet, but glad I saw this one :)

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