Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy 2018 from KG5CCI

Happy 2018 Ham Radio Readers!

There isn't much substance to this post besides that. I have promised to get better at writing blog entries but thus far I have failed pretty hard. My goal for 2017 was to get a new entry out every 2 weeks - I did not meet that goal, with only 21 entries published during the year. In 2018, I will try harder. Now that I've got the 488 AMSAT chase completed, I SHOULD have more time. I'm also done with school, so I SHOULD have more time. All of these SHOULDs though can quickly get confounded by a gorgeous little blonde girl running around asking Daddy to help her out with things, and let's be serious - You all (and me) would probably be better served with me building and experimenting in the shop and then posting pictures to Twitter rather than writing about it in this blog.. Right? Well OK maybe not.. 

THE POINT of this is I've got a lot more things to write about than I do have time and gumption to actually do the writing. With that in mind, for 2018 I'm going to set my goal the same. One entry, every 2 weeks. I will try my best to hit this goal. I'm going to use the scheduling function of Blogger to make them all come out on Monday morning too - that way every other Monday, you should have something to look forward too... or jeer at me for. Either way, it's entertainment. 

For a little 2018 teaser - here are some of the things I've already started on: 

The K0D Story - Part II
YADR (Yet another Distance Record) on FO-29
Finishing the AMSAT 488 Chase
More Meteor Scatter adventure
Cheap Yagis
Cheap Duplexers
Precision Time Issues
STFU about Millennials in Ham Radio (Written by a Millennial in Ham Radio)

See anything there you like? Good. I hope to make 2018 an enjoyable year. And if not, well that's cool too. 73's Ya'll. 

-Dave, KG5CCI

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